IndiaReads for IT Teams

Create and search content on the go and create value

  • With IndiaReads, employees can create and upload content. Once uploaded, it becomes searchable, secured and centralized in IndiaReads’s knowledge repository for all who need it.

  • Information is securely accessible from any device for the teams to stay well connected and apprised. With a click of mouse, employees can have access to diagnostics, find relevant and urgent information which in turn might help them solve a burning issue.

  • IndiaReads forms the foundation of successful, effective and efficient, cross-team project communication, so teams can release earlier, more frequently, and more iteratively, to deliver value to the organization faster.

Keep conversations and discussions going

  • Group or one-on-one chat enables employees to collaborate be it within teams or with other teams in real time.

  • Employees can share their queries, get instant feedback to patch their codes faster, get their coding reviewed and have other employees appreciate your work in the group.

  • Employees can save draft codes and work in progress in their personal repository, share it with other teams by posting it on the company’s wall or by storing it in the centralized repository.

  • With deeper search options, explore created and curated knowledge resources.

Stay connected even when working remotely

  • Taking a work from home, working out of your basement or while travelling, connect with your team members instantly via direct and group chats.

  • Large teams or small teams stay connected with everyone round the clock.

  • Search for most relevant knowledge sources and information, these can be in the form of articles, videos, infographics etc. with ease to access them from anywhere or any device.